Backpack Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Joker Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

We will begin drawing our backpacks by drawing curves. We will draw a brief horizontal curve. Then , we draw a long, curved line on top of that line. This will create the top of the front pocket of the backpack. You can refer to images for information. The students will use using school supplies to draw circles for the notebook as well as some circles to symbolize an elongated binding for the notebook. Then, next to the notebook, draw a rectangle-shaped ruler that is free of pencils. Then, we’ll take out any excess lines and processes in order to keep our drawings clean and neat.

Step 2:
In the second step we’ll draw a second curve to the left of the front pocket in order to display the puffy bag that is packed with school items.

Step 3:
In the 3rd step we’ll draw the center portion of the Backpack by sketching curves , and joining them up to the previously drawn portion in the Backpack. The best way to help is by using an image of a reference.

Step 4:
In the 4th step, we draw the main pocket on the bag by sketching a curving line and drawing it in reverse. Then draw an irregular curving line on near the bottom of the backpack to create the handle. Now design the shoulder straps with two curves paired. Draw an “u” shape with curved lines to form the pockets on the sides in the back.

Step 5:
In this stage the gorgeous backpack is now is ready for coloring. Kids can color it with colorful and vibrant colors to make the book gorgeous and beautiful.

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