Are You a Rule Follower Or a Rule Breaker?

Trying to bend the rules can lead to some very interesting results… particularly when it comes to drawing heads.

These are some of the crazy demos I did in our Heads and Faces Workshop.

You have completely lost all proportions. How can this be? Do disproportionately shaped heads not equate to bad drawing?

Not quite.

You have to be able to draw proportionate heads accurately.

Or, which is a more simple way to say. Once you know the rules, you can bend and change them…

You can create heads that stand out and are unique, with faces that are memorable, funny, and different, but still look accurate.

After I demonstrate how to create the idealized head, you’ll learn how to modify it in the Heads & Faces Workshop.

Additionally, you will learn how to draw heads from different angles and light them in a variety of ways.

There are only 3 places left and one has 1 day to book.

You might be hesitant about booking, but I have a review from Levi, a student who just completed the Heads & Faces Workshop.

“The Heads and Faces Workshop was a highly effective educational experience. These tasks require a lot of stylized illustration. My background is as a professional graphic designer and motion graphics artist. Since I was a child, I have been drawing and painting with graphite and ink. Digital illustration has been my passion for almost 7 years. I consider myself an intermediate digital artist but not an advanced one. I don’t have the time or patience to accurately portray the human head. A comic book was something I had always wanted to create. As I finished secondary education, I watched HTDC and many other art/comic-related YouTube channels for years.

I finally got my story together. It was finally time to draw it, but I kept stalling because I hadn’t spent enough time learning the basics. Although I was able to draw some heads and faces, it was only from very simple angles. I was able to learn new skills and understand the world through this workshop. Clayton is an expert in explaining things and his “stream-of-conscious” walkthrough with students is invaluable. It is a fun and interactive classroom.

Artists of all levels made great leaps. Although they were extremely challenged, the beginners made some of the most remarkable improvements in a very short time. You’ll notice a sharpening of your skills if you sit down and follow the videos. This was the best investment I made in my mental and moral health to create a comic book. I am now confident drawing faces, something I was unable to do with videos/books. This workshop helped me overcome a huge barrier. ” – Levi Chalot

This Workshop is only possible because of dedication and hard work Levi. This kind of feedback is the best. (Thanks Levi). The Workshop will begin on Saturday, October 16th. The Workshop will last for four weeks and provide 32 hours of live training and feedback. Click here to view the dates and times of classes in your area. It happens. You can download each session and view the replay. The Workshop’s biggest selling point is undoubtedly the LIVE experience. It’s amazing, don’t you think? Think about it… By booking into the Heads & Faces Workshop you will be responsible for your actions. We’ll be drawing heads together while you’re there. Each session will have something to show. This is a unique learning experience. Not with this much content and personalized feedback. Register now if you don’t wish to miss it.

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