Anime Style Frankenstein Drawing Lesson

Anime Style Frankenstein Drawing Lesson

Step one:

The first thing we have to make is the guides and shapes to create the character of Frankenstein in anime format. This includes facial guides as well as the shoulder/torso guides.

Step two:

The next step is to sketch the Frankenstein’s face design, along with the ear, and then draw details inside the ear.

Step three:

Then, we’ll draw the hairstyle , which is a box cut. Then, we will draw the lining that is defined around the mouth, as well as the temple indentation.

Step four:

Once hair and head are well-drawn We can sketch out some facial features, starting with the brow wrinklesand followed by the brows, eyes and the nose. Bring some personality to the face by drawing it out with the help of sketching the frown lines as well as facial features. Draw the teeth and mouth and then draw the indentation on the cheeks.

Step five:

The face is ready to move on. It is now time to begin drawing the bolts inside the neck, and then draw the actual neck shape. Once that’s done then we can add the V-shaped shape to the opening of the jacket.

Step six:

You’re almost there. Draw out the broad shoulders and then the arms. While drawing out the arms, the sleeves should be drawn out since Frankenstein wears an elegant dress coat.

Step seven:

The time has come to the end of the process, meaning that all you need to do is drawing the last pieces of complete the puzzle. Complete this animation Frankenstein on the right notepad by drawing the “tee” as well as holes. Eliminate the mistakes and the guides as well.

Step eight:

It’s done, you’re completed. Colorize the art work to bring your anime Frankenstein to life.

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