Anime School Girl Drawing Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Sailor Moon Drawing with Color Pencils || How to draw a Anime Girl

Draw a circle around her head, then draw lines of guideline for her legs and arms. In this sketch it is difficult to observe her arm on the left, therefore don’t be concerned about drawing the guide. Draw two small circles to represent the feet, and also the design that the skirt has.

Step 2

Draw an outline of her body to determine what her outfit will look like and the hairstyle she will appear like.

Step 3

Begin to fix the outline using the lines you traced in step 2. Draw a neat outline and then draw a huge sailor’s collar on her dress and tie. The result is a simple sketch of the Japanese uniform for a schoolgirl. Make the socks slightly bigger than her shoes and feet. We’re giving her the adorable “elephant leg” socks that Japanese schoolgirls adore so much.

Step 4

Then, the face. When drawing an anime face, you must always follow the guidelines large eyes and a smaller mouth and nose. When drawing this face you should keep her eyes apart for an unassuming look. Make sure to not draw too many eyes as you want to create an elegant appearance as a girl in a school. Then, draw some small details on her clothing, like the folds of her skirt or socks.

Step 5

Complete the drawing by drawing the lines of her hair. The folds of her shirt as well as the texture of her neck. It is possible to put your shirt with a pocket or even the name tag you wish.

Step 6

You’ve now found yourself a cute Japanese schoolgirl. All you need to do is paint it. It’s not that difficult? Come back next time for more anime ladies.

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