Anime Hands Drawing Step by Step -

Anime Hands Drawing Step by Step

Anime Hands Drawing Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1
This isn’t really even a step but more of the diagram of an anatomical manga or anime hand. It’s clear that the left hand is the standard hand drawn in anime, while both hands are exactly the same, but I’ve included in the skeleton drawing how the bones should appear like.

Step 2
The second step is similar to nothing else one, more like an assessment of postures and postural patterns for the various hand movements and the positions of fingers. As you can observe, there are 13 common features of manga/anime characters.

Step 3.
This is the typical anime or manga hand that is colored using fingers spread out and poses. If you color, you will get something like this.

Step 4
Begin by drawing the middle of your hand. Once it’s drawn then you draw five lines to represent the fingers. I also added arrows to demonstrate how far each finger needs to be.

Step 5
Once you’ve created the hand frame you can draw three circles on each finger. These circles will allow you to create the shapes of fingers in manga or anime hands. Before proceeding into the second step you’ll draw a line on your wrist as well as your arm.

Step 6
In the sixth step, you’ll start drawing the forms of hands and fingers. After that, you can draw the proper design of the arm, hand, wrist, and wrist.

Step 7
The only thing you have to do is to add the knuckles as well as the wrist bones. Once you’ve done that, you’ll begin erasing the basic principles and patterns you created in the earlier steps.

Step 8
Here’s a graphic representation of a full sketch of a hand clenched and a wrist in a straight position. You can clearly see that all fingers are closed, and the shape is like a typical anime or manga hand.

Step 9
For the first step in this manga/anime hand drawing lesson, you’ll learn ways to sketch the basic designs of the palm and wrist lines. I’ve written down a tip to help you make this step simple to follow.

Step 10
This is what your initial step might look like without using the outline of the wrist and hand. It’s not much right now, but when you’re done with this tutorial, your sketch will resemble the hand.

Step 11
In the next step, you’ll begin adding lines for fingers and the knuckles. After that, you’ll be able to draw the outline of the left wrist and below.

Step 12
This is the final drawing stage and all you need to do is trace the lines of the knuckles, and complete the finger shape along with drawing the thumb. Give it some detail and definition, then erase all guides and forms that you sketched in the earlier steps.

Step 13
After you’re finished, think about how your sketch will appear when you’re finished. The only thing you have to do now is to color. I hope that you have enjoyed this two-part tutorial on drawing arms and hands in manga and anime step-by-step.

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