Anime Girl Drawing Step by Step || Kagome -

Anime Girl Drawing Step by Step || Kagome

Anime Girl Drawing Step by Step || Kagome

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Draw a circle around the head, and then draw guidelines to the face. You’ll then draw the lines of her position on her body, including the lining of her arms, shoulders and torsos, as well as her legs.

Step 2

After you’ve sketched out the guidelines, begin drawing the top part of Kagome’s facial. Then, draw the eye lines, and finally the left hand and arm. Then trace the outline of her skirt and her legs.

Step 3

In step three, begin drawing the hair of Kagome and other parts of her body will include the arms as well as her shirt. Draw more of her leg’s shape, before drawing her feet. Include a sock beneath her knee, and proceed towards the following step.

Step 4

Once you’re finished mastering the art of drawing different body components for Kagome then you can begin this process by perfecting her hairstyle. After that, you’ll draw her eyes, and later draw her ears in detail, and the next step is to draw her right hand and arm. Then, draw the upper part of her leg, and socks, as and her feet. Finish her outfit by adding a an accessory tie, and then you can detail her clothing.

Step 5

This is the last drawing stage and what you’ll do is draw the sailor’s collar and details lines. Draw her right hand, add ruffles to her skirt. Draw her eyes in detail and begin erasing the guides and forms you created in the first step.

Step 6

Kagome will appear like this when you’re done drawing her. All you need to do is color her, and then you’re done. You’ve learned how To Draw Kagome Higurashi by studying InuYasha step-by-step.

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