Angel Drawing Step By Step Tutorial

Angels have been always considered innocent, humble and pious beings. We’re sure that drawing angel wings will cause all to love looking at them. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn to draw gorgeous angels. This may be difficult initially, but we promise you that it will be easy.

Scary Drawings Step By Step Tutorials

This sketch of a corner will serve as the foundation for your ideal drawing. In addition it looks extremely realistic creating angel wings.

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Below are some materials we can use for this sketch:

  • 2B, 3B pencils for outline
  • 6B pencil for blends and shades
  • Sharpener and eraser
  • Sharpie
  • Black pointer
  • A sketchbook or piece of paper

Step 1:

Figure of a girl wearing her face concealed behind her hair — Figure 1.

Step 2:

Draw wings that emerge from behind and then extending upwards. Draw the wings out with lengthy lines that create a realistic appearance. This will also draw attention to feathers or feather patterns on the wings. Figure 2.

Step 3:

Draw lines of various dimensions on the left wing similar to the lines you sketched at the beginning of this exercise. This will enhance the look of feathers that are on your left side of the wing – Figure 3.

Step 4:

It’s now moment to put shades on the sketch. Apply light shades to the right side of the angel’s wings and hair – Figure 4.

Step 5:

Draw the dress of the angel, and then add large dots inside the dress. Then , apply shades to the dress Figure 5.

Step 6:

In the final stage, you apply the shades on the left side. To finish the final stroke, apply the sharpener tool, a pointer or a pencil with a 6B tip over the outline. This will help your drawing stand out.

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