Amazing Easy Paintings -

 Amazing Easy Paintings


Today I am going to show you some of my paintings that I have done with cotton swabs. I love to paint with cotton swabs because anyone can do it. It is super easy to start painting with cotton swabs. I think it is a great way to start painting with acrylics.

You can paint flowers and landscapes with these little paintbrushes. This is a fun way to learn how to paint. It is also a good way to start painting if you have been nervous about your first painting.

Q Painting

Paint Lilacs

I will show you how to paint a flower picture in acrylic paint. I will show you how to mix the colors together and show you how to use cotton swabs to paint the flowers. I will show you how to finish the project by adding a background.

Wisteria Willow Tree

You can learn how to make a willow tree with cotton swabs in acrylic paint. You can make this at home.


Paint A Dandelion

Paint A Dandelion > Blowing With The Cotton Swab Painting Technique This is an easy enjoyable painting lesson anyone can do. This lesson has been popular with kids and home school moms.
This lesson teaches you how to paint a dandelion with a cotton swab. It is a fun and easy painting lesson.

Girl in rainbow Dress

Q-tip Cotton Swabs Painting of a girl in rainbow Dress. This is a Basic Easy Step by step Acrylic Painting lesson On Canvas.

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