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All New Puppy Coloring Pages

Dogs are the best! Puppies! A sweet, adorable puppy is hard for anyone to refuse.

Puppies are full of energy and love to have fun. Puppies can chew on your shoes and pee on the floor, but their owners love them anyway.

These puppies become the best dogs in their own right over time.

There are many different sizes and shapes of puppies. These adorable furry friends are our favorite.

Our readers are in high demand for coloring pages for puppies that they can print for free.

These are 30 completely new and totally free puppy coloring pages you can color however you like. Have fun with your imagination.

Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages

We might use a lot more small strokes with a paintbrush to give the puppy a fluffy appearance.

What other techniques are you able to use to complete this page?

We have another adorable puppy to color. This fluffy puppy is so gentle and sweet.

A collar is attached to the puppy’s neck, which gives it an additional detail that you can add color to. You can add subtle details to the collar by writing what you would call your puppy in small letters.

We think this is another example where smaller strokes of medium would look great to make the puppy look fluffy and nice.

When you are done with it, it will look even more adorable!

There are many different sizes and shapes of puppies, and each one has a unique pattern on their coats.

This puppy coloring page shows a little boy with big patches down his back, and small patches of color on his head.

Every dog loves a good bone. This puppy found one that was too big.

She doesn’t seem to want to share her delicious treat. If anyone attempts to take her bone, she will likely run away.

We think you would love to give this puppy a hug if you met it in person. This adorable little puppy looks a lot like a poodle.

To make this picture appear more alive, you can add some craft elements to it. You could place cotton wool on top of the dog’s fur.

If you want to stay true to the colors we suggest using lighter colors such as yellows or tan browns. What are your thoughts on colors?

We have another cutie in our collection. This cutie could be a baby asatian, or even a husky.

It is easy to identify the breed by looking at the design.

If your favorite breed of dog looks something like this, make sure you use the same colors to complete the design.

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