All New Magical Unicorn Coloring Pages

This coloring page depicts the head of a unicorn with a mane that’s curly on top, and straight on the bottom. It has a mosaic-like background with a variety of designs in the background.



This animal is thought as magical and mysterious and this coloring page demonstrates that beautifully!

The unicorn in question is in the clouds, and is surrounded by an abundance of stars. It is a truly stunning setting that evokes the wonder unicorns have to do with.

If it appears this amazing when it is using black and white think of how stunning it will appear after coloring it!

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We think it’d look amazing to utilize a variety of different colors to make the stars But what are you thinking you’ll paint them?


Unicorns are usually compared to celestial images such as the moon, the sun and the stars.

This print captures an unruly unicorn and the appearance of a rainbow, and stars that appear to be streaming out of its back. The unicorn is also enthralled with the rainbow.



Our next unicorn jumps across to the Rainbow in this amazing picture!

This image truly captures the feeling of fascination and excitement that unicorns inspire. And there are a myriad of ways to paint it.

To create this rainbow of colors, we believe that it’s great to create some truly vivid and vibrant colors using mediums like markers or colored pens to bring the colors to life.

What color do you imagine you’ll decide to color this amazing rainbow trail? No matter what you decide we can guarantee it will look stunning!


Unicorns are a free-spirited creature. They are frequently utilized as a symbol of freedom in pop culture.

We believe that our coloring page creators really have captured the spirit of unicorns in this unicorn coloring page with a long flowing hair facing the bright sun.


The blooms on this coloring page are growing into a complex pattern in the background. A unicorn walks across the page with a smile at its face.

It has a soft tail and the flowers that are in the background appear to be sprouting out of the mane.



Even unicorns require a break at times and what better spot to take a nap than the the top of an ethereal cloud?

This unicorn appears like it’s only a matter of moments away from going to sleep. That’s the reason we’d recommend using lighter colors that are created using more gentle mediums.

As an example, we’d likely use colored pencils or watercolors to create a more light-hearted feel that is perfect for this slumberful scene.

Do you think that’s the goal you’ll be aiming for when you color this page?



The unicorn appears extremely young. Maybe it’s still an infant. It has lots of energy when it is in front of a huge collection filled with fluffy clouds.

Have you ever heard that a newborn horse is referred to as foal, while the baby unicorn is known as a sparkle?


Because unicorns are like horses, it is no surprise that they are fond of running. The unicorn featured on this coloring page is galloping through a field of grass.

It seems to be having a great time at the top of a huge hill. Perhaps it is shouting, “Catch me if you can!”


The following page of our collection of unicorn-themed free coloring pages for children features an amazing close-up of an amazing unicorn.

There are some stunning aspects to be admired in this gallery, and you could take your time painting these particulars.

This is a photo that we believe would be suitable for markers and colored pens which would permit you to color tiny spaces as hair strands.

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