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How do you play

Funny Puppy Emergency – Game play HTML5

Select a ball that is resulting.
Eight Ball Billiards is an online billiards game where you are required to take all the results with stripes, or strips. The outcome of the ball you’re given is based on the outcome ball is first hit.

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Controls are easyto use, just move your finger to locate the correct level, and then align it with the easy-to-shoot ball. Keep in mind that this is a record therefore save up to 8 balls until you’ve emptied all your balls or you’ll lose!

There are many games that play similar to this
Explore our pool games collection to find additional games based on signs. Two other games that are popular within this genre include 8 Ball Pool Club and Pool Club. If you’re looking to play online multiplayer, you should check out Rack’Em.

Simple and easy to use controls
Play with the computer or with a friend
Make sure you keep track of your statistics
Animations and smooth graphics

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