How To Draw Spawn from Mortal Kombat

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Hercules Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing the basic shapes and the instructions for framing the Spawn as shown here. Begin by drawing a tiny circle to frame the head, and add lines of guideline on the face. Then, draw the outline of the trunk, which is square, and then add the instructions for your body’s Chi. On the right side of his arm, you’ll draw circles to establish the idea of the arm. Then, you will draw the outline of the left foot.

Step 2

In this phase it is the time sketching the design of the cape torn by Spawns. After you’ve finished drawing the collar that is spiked on his forehead. Then, add the eye. begin adding the details of the right arm and hand. After that, you can begin shaping your right leg.

Step 3

You will then begin details to the crease layer, and finally the definition of his collar and cape. After that, sketch out the form of his right foot and leg and hand and the starting line for the leash.

Step 4

You’ve completed step four . Now what you need to do is continue drawing the precise outline of his cape to make it appear more natural and loose. Draw marks on the eyes of his mask . Then, add the design of the Thigh wrap.

Step 5

This is the last drawing stage and what you’ll need to do is draw the chains interconnected between the legs and arms of your child. After that, you’ll need to draw an ankle wrap and then add spikes. Before you begin erasing all guides and forms then you’ll have to draw some additional details of the thigh band. Then you can begin cleaning the sketch.

Step 6

Once you’ve finished your sketch, it will be like the one you see below. The only thing you need to do is color him, and you’re finished. I hope that you’ve liked this video tutorial on drawing Spawn step-by-step.

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