4 Ways to Draw Crying Anime Eyes

This video tutorial explains how you can draw manga and anime eyes in four ways and how to put eyeballs from anime on your head. There is also a simple example of drawing a face crying, all in all, however, the primary concentration is specifically on the eyes.


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4 ways to draw crying anime eyes

To draw the eyes of a crying person correctly, it is crucial to draw the entire head. The majority of the time, drawing will involve drawing the tears flowing across the face. This tutorial, therefore, overlaps with several of the tutorials mentioned above.

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Drawing Anime and Manga Style Eyes on the Head

Positioning anime eyes on the head

The position of anime eyeballs on the face could be different based on the styles. A good method to put eyeballs of anime on the head would be using a pencil to trace the entire design that the face has as well as draw straight horizontal lines straight across the center part of it. The eyes should be drawn below the line.

The eyes must be spaced far enough apart that you are able to place another eye to the left of the.

Drawing Tearing Up Anime & Manga Eyes

Drawing anime eyes tearing up

If you draw an anime character looking at you, draw the eyes with a squint. Draw the lower eyelashes/eyelids curving toward the inside and slightly lowered toward the outside of the eyes. The top eyelashes/eyelids are less than normal and slightly lower towards the outer portion that is visible. Make the eyebrows appear in a slight upside-down curve, with the inner part of the eyebrows raised, and the outer part of the eyebrows lowered.

Then, draw small drops of tear in the tear ducts to the inside of the eyes.

Drawing Anime & Manga Eyes With Tears

Drawing anime eyes with tears

Utilize the same instructions in the previous example, however, draw the tear traces that cover the entire lower part on each side. Create their outline shapes to look like they appear to hang from their edges on the lower eyelids. As if they’re ready to pop out.


Drawing Crying Anime & Manga Eyes

Drawing crying anime eyes

Use the same direction as in the first instance but make the eyes more squinted. Also, draw the eyebrows closer to each other.

Draw the tears that come from the outside of the eyes and run across the cheek (in an anime style that is traditional). Make sure to create the flow of tears with an upward curve since they’ll appear to be “hugging” the shape of the face. Draw some tears that are coming from the inside of the eyes, too but don’t make them flow to the bottom (to create a look that seems more authentic).

Drawing Bawling Anime Eyes

Drawing anime eyes bawling

To stop your eyes from tearing up, draw them completely closed in an upside-down curve (really you’re drawing your eyelashes). Draw the eyebrows even more closely than in the preceding examples. It is also possible to make a few wrinkles in order to make it clear that your eyebrows are actually squeezed together.

Draw the tears in an exact way as in the previous illustration however further in the lower part of the face (you are able to experiment). You could also add a few tears falling towards the cheeks (the tears will flow across the face before gathering at the lower part of the face).


Drawing anime eyes that cry and tears isn’t all difficult as tears flow through the air in a variety of patterns. However, having some references aids. If we combined these examples, we might create a miniature animation of an anime character that goes from crying to bursting into tears.

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