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3D Hot Air Balloon Card Step by Step

3D Hot Air Balloon Card Step by Step

How do I make a 3D hot balloon card

How to Make a Gnome Valentine Craft

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Hot air balloon template <— Get a sample here
Red or pink card
Kraft paper cover
craft sticks
Glue (You may also use Double Tape)
1. Begin download and print a 3D hot-air balloon template. Print hot air balloons on kraft board and heart designs on pink or red cardboard. (Note We’ve included two baskets in the template in order to conserve paper, but you only need one basket in each balloon.)

2. Cut each part out of the hot-air balloon template.

3. Make sure you fold your balloon basket in half following the line of dots on the design. Make use of an ink pen to write a personal message inside the card. You can write sentences such as “Love flies”, “You make my heart soar, Valentine!” You can also create a unique quotation from your personal.

4. Collect your paper hearts. Divide five hearts into half. Make use of glue sticks to apply glue onto one of your heart halves folded. After that, stick the second half of the heart to it. Continue to add glue and the paper heart until the five hearts are joined making the illusion of a heart balloon in 3D.

5. Use glue on one of the outside parts of the heart 3D and put it onto the paper heart. Add glue to the opposite side of the heart. Finally, glue the remaining portion of the heart.

6. Take 2 craft sticks. Put glue on the bottom, 1 inch from every craft stick. Adhere the hot air balloons onto the craft sticks.

7. Put glue on the top of the 1 inch craft stick. Attach your 3D heart-shaped balloon at the top of your craft stick. Let the adhesive completely dry.

If you’re in the process of preparing for the moment and do not want to wait around for the dry (boy is it possible to get it! ) You can try employing Dot Glue or double-sided tape to fix the heart-shaped balloon and basket onto your craft sticks. We haven’t had time to experiment with these methods but I’m not able to speak about their longevity, however it appears that both options will be able to work.

Your 3D hot balloon card is complete.
After the glue has completely dried, open the balloon and observe its amazing 3D dimension. Starting from the bottom, top, and every side of the ball it’s stunning.

The 3D-effect on the card makes it nearly impossible to fit it into an envelope for mailing but I’m sure that the recipient will be thrilled when they receive it.

This gorgeous 3D hot balloon card is an ideal Valentine Card for kids to present to dad, mom or grandma. This card is too costly for children younger than 10, however it could be the perfect Valentine’s Day project for children in the elementary school age to make in class as a take-home craft .

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