It has been said numerous times, that the characters that appear in The Simpsons are the most stereotypical and caricatured characters of the animated show. One of these stereotyped and caricatured characters is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a stereotypical sole proprietor and immigrant of southern Asia. As you might have could have guessed by the name, this tutorial is dedicated to drawing Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

Step 1
Let’s begin with basic geometric shapes. The first step is to sketch out the belly and head as circles. Connect them in the manner of our illustration.

Step 2
Then, using the aid of extremely light lines, we draw out the legs and arms.

Step 3
Beginning with this step We will then work on the specifics. Draw eyes that are oval with pupils in them, and a nose.

Step 4
Draw the outline of the face. Draw a smiling mouth and tooth lines. Don’t overlook creating a small mustache.

Step 5
Draw the contours of the forehead as well as the hairstyle that is high for Apu.

Step 6
Carefully draw the lines that the collar will have. By using curly lines, draw a hairline across the chest.

Step 7
Draw out the outline of the arms and shoulders that are connected to the chest. Draw out the outline of the clothing that is on the chest.

Step 8
Continue drawing the top portion of the garment neatly, drawing the bottom of the sweater.

Step 9
Utilizing a few simple lines, you can draw the outline that will be the outlines of trousers and shoes.

Today, we taught the viewers the art of drawing Apu one of the most famous cartoon characters in the TV series The Simpsons. To improve your drawing skills and become a true cartoon artist, you should try to draw the character from various angles and positions. In order to master how to draw different characters of The Simpsons and other serials go to this page “Cartoons” on 3dvkarts.

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