12 Anime Male Facial Expressions Chart & Drawing Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates the art of drawing anime and manga facial expressions for males using 12 different illustrations. It also provides proportions to use when drawing the face in this illustration.

Anime male facial expressions chart

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The Anime Facial Proportions are used in this tutorial

Male face proportions Anime, and step-by-step drawing

In this tutorial, we’ll be using proportions that are fairly common that are used in many tutorials on AnimeOutline.

The facial features should be positioned as the following:

  • Eyes Draw a horizontal line that runs halfway across the head. Draw the eyes below it (far enough apart so that you could fit an additional eye in between them)
  • Eyebrows The eyebrows should be drawn slightly over those of the eye (about the eye’s height and slightly lesser).
  • Nose Draw the nose halfway between the horizontal line that runs through the face and the lower part of the chin.
  • Ears The ears should be drawn between your eyes’ top and lower part of the nose
  • mouth – – Draw your lower lip between the top of the nose and the chin. Then, draw the top lip slightly higher than the chin.

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Normal Facial Expression

Anime male normal facial expression

Draw the facial expression that is normal by adjusting the facial features’ positions as explained in the previous paragraphs.

Drawing a Serious Facial Expression

Anime male serious facial expression

To create a serious facial expression, Draw the inner tips of the eyebrows, lowered and the eyebrows in general lower. Draw eyes that are slightly squinted. create a mouth shape with edges curling downwards.

Drawing a Content Expression

Anime male content facial expression

To create a content-based expression, make sure that the eyebrows are raised (particularly the tips of the eyes). Eyes closed, looking at them with a squint.

Smile and smile with the teeth visible.

Drawing a Gloating Expression

Anime male gloating facial expression

To create a gloating look, draw the eyebrows in a downward curve (reverse to the regular curve). Draw the eyes

Drawing an Enthusiastic Expression

Anime male enthusiastic facial expression

To make an exuberant expression, Draw the chin down so that the mouth is fully open. Make the eyebrows more prominent with the tips of the nose elevated. The eyes should be slightly more windy than usual. Inside the eyes, draw more reflections, making the reflections more prominent than usual. Draw your mouth smiling, without showing teeth.

Drawing a Puzzled Expression

Face expression of a male Anime character

For a confused facial expression, continue to draw the chin down, due to the mouth being opened. Draw the eyebrows up with the tips of the nose raised. Draw the eyes slightly larger than normal, and raise the irises. The mouth should be drawn in a shape like an “O” shape.

Drawing a Grinning Expression

Anime male grinning facial expression

To create a smile, Draw the eyebrows down and the inner tips lower. Draw the eyes squinting, and create a smiley mouth while keeping the teeth visible.

Drawing a Scared Expression

Face expressions of a male Anime character scared

For a spooky expression, keep drawing the chin down because of the wide mouth. The eyebrows should be high on the face, with the tips of the inner lashes much higher than normal. Make the eyes wide while drawing the eyelashes smaller than normal, so that they don’t touch the eyelashes. Draw the mouth in the shape of a bean, and curve downwards.

Drawing an Embarrassed Expression

Male cartoon character with a smug expression.

For a smirk, make the eyebrows curl in the upward direction (opposite to normal). Draw your eyes down with the upper lids slightly lower than normal.


Drawing a Smiling Expression

Anime male smiling facial expression

To create a smile, make sure that your eyes are gently squinting. Then make the mouth larger and more curving than usual.

Drawing an Upset Expression

Male Anime with a grumpy expression

If you want to express an emotion that is upset (just like the embarrassment expression) keep the eyebrows curving toward the sky (opposite that of the normal) and look down, with the eyelids of the top slightly lower.

Curve the mouth downwards.

Drawing an Angry Expression

Anime male angry facial expression

To create an angry look, make the eyebrows lower to the face, with the inner tips nearly touching the tops of the eyelids.

Draw the eyes with squinting. draw the iris, and all the things inside the eyes less than usual.

Make a mouthpiece with lips pulled back with the teeth showing. Create a mouth that is slightly longer and wider at the corners, and wider towards the bottom.


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