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12 Anime Facial Expressions Chart & Drawing Tutorial

12 Anime Facial Expressions Chart & Drawing Tutorial

This step-by-step guide will show you drawing some of the most well-known manga and anime facial expressions.


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Different Types of Anime & Manga Facial Expressions

Anime facial expressions chart

Basic Guidelines for Drawing Anime & Manga Faces

When creating the head from the front view, first draw the vertical line (this is the center of your head). This line can help you create a balanced proportion to each side of your head. Next, draw the overall design for the head.

How to Position Anime & Manga Facial Features

The facial features can change a little bit in these directions due to modifications of facial expression. The position of the face can change because of style, however, these are great guidelines, to begin with.

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Positioning the Eyes

Make a line horizontally across the middle of your head, and place the eyes beneath the horizontal line.

Positioning the Nose

Make a vertical line from the middle line of horizontal lines and the lower part of the nose. This will determine the position that the face is in.

Positioning the Mouth

Draw a line that runs between the lines of the nose and the bottom of the cheek. The mouth should be slightly higher than the line. The reason is it is because this line can determine the location of the lower lip.

Drawing Normal Facial Expressions

Normal expression anime girl drawing example

Draw according to the above description.


Drawing Angry Facial Expressions

Angry anime girl drawing example

To make a face look angry, Make sure to draw your eyes squinted. the eyebrows closer to each other, and then the mouth with an upside-down arch.

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Drawing Content/Happy Facial Expressions

Content smile anime girl drawing example

To create a happy and content appearance, draw your eyes shut (basically drawing the eyelashes, with just a little hint of the eyes) by drawing an arched shape. To draw the mouth, just draw a small smudge of teeth.

Drawing Gloating Facial Expressions

Gloating anime girl drawing example

To create a glimmering expression, make the eyes look squinted. Draw the eyebrows upside down archways.

Drawing in Love Facial Expressions

In love anime girl drawing example

For a beautiful appearance, your eyes will be the primary part. The pupils should be larger than normal, and also create more reflections for the eyes.

Drawing Surprised/Confused Facial Expressions

Surprised anime girl drawing example

To create a confused facial expression, Draw the mouth open to create around an “O” shape. Eyes should be wide open and with eyebrows raised. It is also possible to draw the Irises (and everything inside them) smaller than usual. You can also draw the irises a bit further apart than normal.

Drawing Upset Facial Expressions

Upset anime girl drawing example

To create an angry face, draw eyes that are looking. Draw the mouth at an upside-down angle. Draw the eyebrows with slopes toward the center of your face.

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Drawing Grinning/Plotting Facial Expressions

Grinning anime girl drawing example

For a face that looks like the person you draw is planning something, draw eyes that are squinting and eyebrows lowered. Draw the mouth using a soft smile.


Drawing Scared Facial Expressions

Scared anime girl drawing example

For a scary expression, Draw the eyes wide and raise the eyebrows. Make your mouth slightly open and draw the pupils/irises shorter than normal. It is also possible to draw the irises a bit closer than normal.

Drawing Embarrassed Facial Expressions

Embarrassed anime girl drawing example

For a smug look, make the eyebrows appear at a slight upside-down angle and open your eyes while looking down. Make the mouth appear with a slight smile.

Drawing Puzzled Facial Expressions

Puzzled anime girl drawing example

To create a puzzled look, draw eyebrows and with the eyes raised. Draw the mouth open using the “O” shape.

Drawing Smiling Facial Expressions

Light smile anime girl drawing example

To create a smile that is light, make the mouth appear in the form of a slight arc, slightly wider than the typical mouth. Draw your eyes slightly in a squinting.

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